We are a group of photographers who have the privilege of mothering more than one boy. Brothers. They are loud, wild, messy, strong, active, and often times smelly. But they can also be sweet, calm, tender, sensitive, organized, and frequently surprise us with their gentle hearts. As moms, we tend to document just that, how we see them. Because it is only natural for our cameras to be driven by our own perspective. But there is another relationship worth documenting. Brotherhood.

I had just pulled into the driveway when I heard giggles in the back seat. I adjusted my mirror to see my boys holding hands and laughing wildly. We had recently gotten a new (and smaller) car and they could reach each other for the first time. As I watched them enjoy this new development, I realized that their own relationship, independent of me, was developing before my eyes. And in that moment I knew I needed to grab it all up for them to enjoy when they are grown. A journey through brotherhood.
— Megan Hassold